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The Celebration of Marriage

In the Catholic Church the normal place for the celebration of marriage is the Parish Church of the bride, so the priest of the parish in which the bride lives takes responsibility for the paper work associated with the marriage, no matter where the marriage is to take place. The priest of the bride’s parish must have six month’s notice to allow time for the Marriage Papers to be completed. Marriage Papers for the groom are filled in by the priest of the parish where he is currently living and again the priest should be given six months notice of the Marriage. Documents required: a recent copy of baptism certificate and confirmation certificate, a letter of freedom from parishes lived in for more that 6 months since sixteenth birthday, a pre-nuptial enquiry form filled in by the priest of the parish. (Couples seeking to marry abroad will always be asked to provide a certificate proving that they have completed a Catholic Pre-marriage course). These are brought together and lodged in the Church where the marriage is to take place.

Notifying the Civil Authorities

Couples must also give notice to the local Civil Registrar of Marriages (Buncrana 074 9362196) and fill out the necessary papers. A visiting priest is welcome to celebrate a marriage in Buncrana provided he is a Recognised Solemniser as registered by the civil authorities. We would like to stress that it is the responsibility of the couple to liaise with the Registrar.

Regarding the use of our Churches for Weddings

Unlike some other parishes, we welcome non-residents to hold their wedding ceremonies in Buncrana Parish (there is a small fee associated with this, please contact the Parish Office for details). Such couples should note that we do not permit the scattering of confetti/petals, the erection in the aisle of decorative arches or the lighting of candles outside the sanctuary of the church. All couples should have their photographers and musicians contact the celebrant    


You will find more detailed information on getting married at


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